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Act not think....

Confidence is built on the future, not the past. If we keep recycling the past to learn from our mistakes to give us the confidence to get out of the door tomorrow, we will likely, not open curtains.

If we try to make changes, we will not fail, because we have tried. To not try - is to fail.

To feel the fear and act beyond it, will bring success. On the other side of fear there is a new future.

By acting instead of thinking, you will change your thoughts.

If you go out and change your outside scenery, your inner mind will create different thoughts.

If your thoughts are negative 'try' to not listen to them. 'Try' to not join in with them - 100% ----do not believe them.

How could anyone not like you or be against you? Look at you, look at your life, look at the people you have met, shared life with, who loved you, who lit up when you walked into the room, who said nice things.

They may not be with you today, but no one is too old or ill to make friends.

Being alone with only your thoughts for company, in my experience is/was and will be a living torture but by changing seats, going outdoors, listening to music, knitting, painting, drawing, writing, tuning into Netflix, phoning anyone (even Sainsbury's/Tesco) gives that sense of 'being' again.

The Samaritans are available 24/7 for when times are really tough - telephone 116 123

You are more than you could ever think you are.

Homework - forgive yourself ... write 21 times... morning and night

I forgive myself for believing what I believed was right.

Alongside me, all The Chitter Chatter Clubbers care about you, we'd love to meet and make friends with you. Give us a chance to love you.

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