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Choice or Duty

Updated: May 16, 2023

Choice or Duty?

Today we are living under a darkening cloud and it's raining fear.

In chat clubs, everyone fits together perfectly under a sombrero of


We all know we are in a Loneliness Epidemic.

Loneliness leads to early death, physical/mental health problems, crime, and hospital wards are today bursting.

Covid brought us all mirrors on the back of front doors, and did we like what we saw? We all woke into a new world full of old solutions for new problems with new people.

Brene' Brown states, 'This is the time of The Great Awkward and

The only way out, is together, build human relationships, and build one another up. We can't keep building communities where people only get together to hate, we need to rebuild lives and communities through hope, love and togetherness; building transformative not transactional relationships, and allowing ourselves to drop the armour and be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is a strength.'

This is the only way forward. We need to meet and share stories, and heal, with people of all ages - from all walks of life, sail as one, through tomorrow's storm.

We all know that


Let's choose our tomorrow,

not dutifully live in wilful blindness

where it is someone else's duty

to solve our problems.

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