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Digititus - Is this a real disease?


'Confused minds, don't function very well.' Jim Kwik.

'In a world full of distraction, confusion and information overload, a lot of today's reading focuses on morally shocking stories


Moral shock sells news, it's shared online, rewritten and talked about most. It's reshaping the world we live in.'

Digital Distraction, Digital dementia, Digital deluge (overload)

Digital deduction (high dependence on social media), are real concepts, yet hardly talked about in media.

Daily we are overloaded with masses of information about food and exercise, but we should be learning more about rather than being overwhelmed by 'too' much information.

What is good for our stomache, is good for our brain. We can change our brains and our thinking, by eating better. One person at a time, this will change this world.

Human Connection is Vital for Loneliness Recovery.

Jason Wachob states,

'Loneliness is an underrated drug in 2023, We have to intentionally incorporate and re-introduce communication into our lives. We have to train the communication muscle and be the first person to text, the first person to call and invite

people out, get in touch with old contacts then bit by bit we will begin to rebuild our relationships, and communities and decrease loneliness.

A 2019 Sigma Study discovered that only 50% of Americans had social interactions. What would post-lockdown figures be like?

The Roseta Study in Pensylvannia found that human connection is best for your heart and brain.

In the 1950s they studied a close-knit Italian community where social interactions happened often through family and community, in the study the results were that all the residents had a zero heart disease result whereas, all around America at that time, heart disease figures were escalating.

In the 1960s, the study concluded that families separated and with more independence, became a higher priority. As a result, heart disease entered the community and as the community spirit dwindled, residents left.

The overall Roseta Study was a true landmark in medical research. It presented irrefutable peer-reviewed statistical evidence of how our relationships in our community are one of the most significant, if not the main contributor to our health and well-being, especially on heart disease.

This clearly shows that social connection has the power to shift the needle on improving our own health.

Moving Forward

Ask yourself---What brings me joy?

If you are not exercising, eating, resting and sleeping properly; you won't be replying to your highest calling, nor be doing useful relevant things, like caring for yourself or others or contributing to the world - these are the things that make us happy. By giving we are getting.

Secret confession - I made up Digititus. :)

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