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Loneliness Hates Tomorrow

Updated: Feb 21

Loneliness has the power to deepen your confusion about your own identity, so much so, that you double dose on all his emotional baggage as he tricks you out of enjoying today, but you don't have to feel lonely if you don't relate to the person you woke up as this morning. Loneliness is a bad best friend who relishes your company, everywhere you go, all day long. He doesn't want you to belong with anyone else.

How about meeting a new friend called, Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is an incredible companion. She adores you and cherishes all your accomplishments, and today you are both free to laugh over your flaws. She brings back memories of the people and moments that shaped your identity and where you felt a sense of belonging. She paints vivid pictures of the places that held your heart and reciprocated your love. Together, you reminisce about the dolls neatly arranged on the sofa, who instilled the confidence in you to believe in yourself. You recall the audacious spirit of your youth that pushed you to explore new horizons and behind every thought, she reminds you that there still lies silent courage.

Loneliness Hates Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is 90 now. She speaks from a higher place and asks us all,

'If you were in my shoes, what would be on your to-do list for yourself, today?'

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