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Managing Loneliness' reversal.

Loneliness takes control over our thoughts, behaviour and emotions. Can we make a few quick 'time' changes to bring ourselves relief?

Today we live in a fast paced vanitised world of exciting or niggling 'compulsive' opportunities and a lot of us fight ourselves to have some sense of control over unregulated, external factors.

So, how come when we wake up, we intentionally plan our day and mostly do the opposite. Procrastination (the action of delaying or postponing something) can happen, we can blame distraction, depression, exhaustion, poor health etc, etc, but I wonder if managing 'time' can reset your loneliness meter.

Let's go back a few years where we used to go shopping at least once a week, or maybe just at Christmas time. Where we used to pop into the library to borrow books, pop into the bookies on Grand National day, have a neighbour pop in for a chat/cuppa or visa versa, have Sunday roasts with family. These were normal routines that no one factored into diaries. They were not classed a social interactions, they were normal and heart filling. We did these without thinking, or even planning. They completed us and without them, we felt incomplete.

Sadly, today, as this subject is going un-noticed and un-talked about, but we can start here with this blog.

We are human beings not human doings, and our minutes shouldn't be filled with doing, because we are neglecting our upmost human need - the need and sense 'to be' and have 'belonging.' Only human interactions can fulfill this need in us. We need to belong in relationships, some intimate (transformative), some transactional, some comradery, some interactive.

Today, in this loneliness epidemic, happiness jigsaws are incomplete and we are overwhelmed with dark loneliness, but by making (scheduling) time for human interactions as set out above, you can reset the human being meter; forgive yourself, and start again.

Start by diarizing a week's social media engagement, diarizing all external factor distractions too, Then you will be aware and able to start making changes to your 'time' schedule and factoring-in human interactions. As a result these will revive your calmer self, lighten the sweet spot within, give you that sense of belonging with neighbours, friends, family, and colleagues but most of all tame the loneliness tiger within.

Agree or not but I believe we are just spirits engaging in human relationships. Some people we like on first sight and some not. As spirits there are no differences but as humans, our egos/behaviours/thoughts seperate us.

As Oprah says daily 'The best gift you can ever give yourself is Time!'

So become aware of what you do with your time and factor in some real 'me time' where alongside time management, you can belong more peacefully with yourself.

Please share or comment so Together, we can heal loneliness.

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