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UK vs USA Care Homes

Updated: Apr 30

We’ve all seen retirees choose to live in magnificent retirement villages in the USA.

In the UK, we are too.

Can you guess which of these homes below are from UK or USA?

Like the USA, UK residences are designed to meet these needs and provide a high standard of care and living for everyone. The outdated stereotypes associated with care homes are a thing of the past. Care homes are now stunning, sophisticated, and trendy places to live, furnished with the classiest furnishings.

The staff and residents are always smiling, creating a very warm welcoming atmosphere. Despite any pain residents may be experiencing, they display remarkable infectious-resilience. It is crucial that residences offer support and friendship to individuals who have gone through pain, sickness, loss, trauma, and isolation. There are those who opt to stay in facilities due to exhaustion from self-care, as loneliness seems to surround them. Others seek respite care following an injury or medical procedure, or during family vacations. Feeling isolated and uncertain about how to start your healing journey while being alone at home can be extremely challenging.

There is an abundance of kindness, grace, and non judgemental tender loving care here and that is why the Chitter Chatter Clubs are here too. Neighbours and residents mix, make friends, share stories and share the healing journey together. Residents have overcome loneliness together and when you leave you will have caught their infectious resilience. You'll leave feeling truly cared for, because the multi-generational residents give more than we could ever imagine giving.

From visiting a lot of residences I would describe the atmosphere as heaven on earth. Why? Because everyone is being their true organismic self, mixing with oneanother without fear, anxiety or judgement. Everywhere is fresh, clean and of quality. The events teams organise 3/4 activities a day and all the homes have mini buses to take residents outdoors into the forest and down to the beach. Why do we call them care homes? Because they are homes where people enjoy their lives and surroundings without fear. Did you guess which are UK and which are USA based?

Did you get it right?

1 Verwood House Care Home 42-44 Ringwood Road Verwood


3 Parley Place 300 Christchurch Road Ferndown

4 Magna Care Centre Arrowsmith Road Wimborne

5 Kings Park Church Road Ferndown



Come and see for yourself by visiting our Chitter Chatter Clubs.

We are all aware that a lot of people have no visitors and family visiting. If you would like to offer some T.L.C and join in the community banter in the care homes, you are more than welcome. Only love makes the world turn around and one smile can infect the world.

Let's bring back loving friendships and relish the beautiful experience of being with our resilient, empowering, doting elders.

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