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The Chitter Chatter Club Aims and Values. (TCCC)


TCCC strives to extend an invitation to individuals experiencing loneliness or social isolation to join us for a cup of tea alongside like-minded individuals. Facilitating connections among people is crucial in overcoming the darkness of loneliness.


TCCC presents a valuable opportunity to meet new individuals, establish friendships or acquaintances, foster relationships, or simply drop by occasionally to connect. The chitter-chatter tables are graciously hosted by volunteers, whom we refer to from hereon as 'friends', who generously offer their time and love to welcome their wonderful neighbours into their own communities. These 'friends' effectively manage the dynamics of the group tables and only collect email addresses if anyone wishes to receive the Monthly Newsletter. Rest assured, all data is securely stored in an encrypted database, with access limited solely to Anne Anderson. Under no circumstances will this information be shared. Our utmost priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of all chat clubbers. To this end, a safeguarding policy is in place, and all 'friends' have willingly agreed to abide by it.


Additionally, we aspire to introduce a monthly nature walk. Chat clubbers attend at their own discretion and assume full responsibility for their well-being. The destinations cater to individuals of all fitness levels.


The primary objective of TCCC is to extend invitations, motivate, inspire, and guide lonely individuals towards the chat clubs. These clubs serve as a means for chat clubbers to embark on their journey of recovery, which they actively participate in.


Occasionally, we endeavour to invite guest speakers specialising in health and well-being to TCCC. These speakers empower and educate guests on making healthier choices for their overall well-being.


Furthermore, we aim to provide guests with a supportive environment to rebuild their confidence, values, and self-esteem. Our hope is to motivate them to engage in more physical activity, enhance their social interactions, and foster self-acceptance and acceptance of others by witnessing, listening to, and valuing one another. Consequently, their mental and physica

l health will improve, and the changes they make will have a lasting impact on their future well-being.


Date 7.11.2023   Anne Anderson



The Chitter Chatter Club Code of Conduct.  (TCCC)

Everyone is invited to join us and enjoy the company of others in a warm, safe and welcoming atmosphere. 


We make sure that every guest feels acknowledged, listened to, and appreciated by everyone present. 

Our dedicated volunteer ‘Friend’  ensures the safety and harmony of the group, managing any interpersonal dynamics that may arise. 

Please note that we kindly ask our guests not to bring any alcohol to the tables. 

We expect all guests to conduct themselves with respect and courtesy at all times. We also kindly request that contentious topics be avoided during our gatherings. 

Our meetings have a maximum duration of 90 minutes, during which we strive to create a pleasant experience for everyone involved, including the staff and the venue.

Respecting the privacy and anonymity of others is crucial, particularly when it involves forming friendships beyond chat clubs. It's important to remember that not everyone shares the same perspective as you. Let's be considerate of others' preferences.

7.11.23 Anne Anderson


At The Chitter Chatter Club, we take the privacy and data protection of our guests and friends very seriously. When personal or email information is provided on our website, it is securely stored on our encrypted GDrive, which is only accessible by our founder, Anne Anderson. We never share any personal data with third parties and guests can easily unsubscribe at any time. For face-to-face attendees, our hosts may ask if you would like to join our newsletter list and any information provided is also kept securely on our private encrypted database. Rest assured that your privacy is our top priority at TCCC.



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