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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who believe in our mission to alleviate loneliness.
Firstly, we thank the individuals who have experienced loneliness and still believe in a brighter future. Our Chitter Chatter 'Table Host Friends' are simply amazing, dedicating their time, love, and loyalty week after week to serve and share their skills and life experiences.
We also thank the caring cafes and care homes who welcome us with open arms and provide us with lovely refreshments. The care home staff who generously offer free hosting for our Chitter Chatter Clubs are really appreciated too.
We are so grateful to the hundreds of social/care/housing/wellbeing/mental health services who spread the word that a cuppa in The Chitter Chatter Club can transform loneliness into a sense of belonging.
We are also thankful to the hundreds of thousands of supporters who encourage Anne and our volunteers daily to keep going.
We appreciate the funders and press who keep the momentum of our mission alive.
Most importantly and not forgetting God, who inspires all these amazing people to get involved, sends loneliness sufferers our way, and gives Anne the strength and courage to keep going for hours and hours every day, inspiring others to take that first step towards changing their lives.

Our tests are our testimonies.

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