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Loneliness Brings Us Together, Not Apart

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20th July 2024 is our next Nature Day Out. Meeting point, 1pm, Mowlem Theatre Shore Rd, Swanage BH19 1DD.  Breezer bus runs hourly, costs £2 each way.

Chat, walk, eat/drink - do whatever you like.

Welcoming, friendly, safe chat clubs are held in local cafes, cafe-bars, and care facilities for everyone to enjoy, join in and belong again, whilst making new friends.
Do you ever find yourself saying 'I'm so  lonely.'

Join us in any one of our Chitter Chatter Clubs or on one of our many nature days out.

'Together, we will heal loneliness.'

Together we will heal loneliness
Wimborne Allendale Centre Chitter Chatter Club invites you 2.30 every Thursday
We go for monthly nature walks

Neighbours join residents for lovely chitty chats

It's where loneliness is not an elephant in the room.

We want to give you a boost with our newsletter each  month, because we are hoping that you'll take a chance and step out of the house. Coming for a cuppa with us in a local cafe or care home is a great way to escape loneliness, have some company, make new friends and remember that you do belong and have importance.

Everyone who comes to TCCC has struggled with loneliness from the Founder, volunteers and guests.

We have regained our value, sense of purpose and belong again.

We want to welcome you so you can heal, recover and help others too.

Every day we see people connecting over the craziest of things.

Neighbours meet, new people to the area meet other like minded souls, blind/stroke/cancer victims get support and regain confidence with and in one another.

Chitter Chatter clubs are branching out Nationwide now as this pilot model works and has built new worlds for thousands of Dorset people.

People now meet outside TCCC, have lunches, shopping trips, company at hospital visits, phone calls in the evenings. We've had one wedding, one funeral and 3 lots of people have holidayed (succesfully) together.

Heading 4It is where 

We're hosting in four cozy cafes in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, Ferndown, Wimborne, Weymouth,  as well as two pubs and

six elegant care homes in

Verwood House, 42-44 Ringwood Road, Verwood. BH31 7AH Mondays 2.30 to 4 

Magna Care Centre, Arrowsmith Road, Canford Magna, Wimborne BH21 3BQ. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of month 10 to 12

Kings Park Care Home, Church Road, Ferndown. BH22 9EU  EVERY Tuesday 10.30 to 12

Parley Place, 300 Christchurch Road, West Parley, Ferndown.  BH22 8SL First Thursday of each month 2 to 3.30pm

Hyacinth House, 179-181 Wimborne Rd, Wimborne BH21 2DJ EVERY Friday 10.30 to 12

Moors Manor , 243 Ringwood Rd, St Leonards, Ringwood BH24 2DW First Wednesday of each month 2 to 3.30pm

Pop in, have tea and cake, soak up the TLC all around and enjoy the empowering chats from yesteryear.

You can even have a look around and enjoy the magnificent gardens and Verwood/Magna/Moors Manor are in awesome   forestry, locations.

This  voluntary mission’s aim is to eliminate loneliness, so let's make friends and future memories together!

No more isolation, we have each other.

From Essex to Ireland, from North to South,  from Japan to Bournemouth, everyone is welcome.  Age, sex, gender, religion, ability doesn't define us -----Humanity does.    People NEED People. Alone we are the stray bird of a flock.

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