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Moral Shock -- Oneliness is Cool.

As the world prays and aims for peace, the press love to cause moral shock.

Today's world would make Shakespear roll on his couch belly laughing, relishing his pens' mighty, eternal power.

For loneliness is the result of Shakespear's ironic parody of oneliness.

Oneliness is cool, which means living with your emotionally mature self with a confident mindset as you do life with yourself and enjoy your walk of peace, maybe even with your God. There is no shame or fear of recriminations for living a life of oneliness.

However, Shakespear mocked and created many forms of satirical dramatic ironic characters and theatre. Othello became the black Moor provoking racism. Romeo and Juliet were separated by Romeo poisoning himself foreshadowing love's cost, pain and deadliness.

Shakespeare turned oneliness into loneliness based on his likely hero in Coriolanus, comparing him to a 'Lonely Dragon' - who goes alone and is feared, cut off from kin and friends, talked about more than he is truly seen or known, lives in a turbulant state of emotional unpleasantness. The Lonely Dragon was portrayed as the opposite state to oneliness.

A self-diagnosis of loneliness can lead to a further path of disconnection from yourself and the outer world, increased aloneness/isolation can result in a mind full of depreciating thoughts holding you prisoner, but what really is loneliness?

It's your bodies way of telling you - YOU NEED SOCIAL CONNECTION. (Brene Brown)

But our world, social media reiterates that we can be rich and successful by ourself. The social media images, daily trials and hatred aimed at us, makes us jealous, feel inferior on the other side of the screens (moral shockingly) it has made so many of us isolate and become disconnected with our own innate thoughts.

So how can we escape these barbaric marketing techniques behind technology.

Know ------Moral Shock provokes sales.

Frightened people buy more.

We were made for a world of belonging not buying. Belonging with nature, relationships, fun, fairness, reproduction, and creation of more and more harmony, not a world full of ironic slavery to machines that overtake our own emotional integrity and common sense.

So, where should we go for answers nowadays?

Moral Shock Alert.

Ourselves, or our friends, our families, our neighbours because behind screens - is a world of fact and fiction combined and potentially filtered through Artificial Intelligence.

Let's cause some Moral Shock together - let's share our knowledge, enjoy Oneliness, communicate face to face and destigmatise Loneliness talking openly about it, through visiting The Chitter Chatter Clubs, through asking your local care home to open a Chitter Chatter Club connecting neighbours and residents together.

Loneliness Brings Us Together, Not Apart.





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